Supervision Software

On-line management and control software to bond all switch point heating in a territory together. Valuable information at the fingertip for - Traffic Control Department - Maintenance Department - Technical Department

  • Reliable Winter Railway Traffic
    Get instant error messages about missing heating in critical switches and react in time
  • Up to 60% Energy Saving
    Heating only when needed - based on latest official meteorological institute weather reports and local weather stations
  • Energy management
    Energy counters for every switch combined with stored weather information makes optimization easy
  • Reduce Maintenance Cost
    Bundle and prioritize service and maintenance calls based on on-line switch point information
  • Save installation cost
    Use existing communication installations or wireless GPRS. No need for new wire installations
  • Easy adoption
    Install as a Stand alone application or integrate with the existing Scada system or run it as a WEB application.

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