• Toilets

    Immersion Heaters

    Specially produced heaters for temperature control in waste water pipes and tanks. Heaters supplied with vulcanized connections or with electrical controls.
  • Toilets

    Heating Cable and Flexible Foil

    Flexible foil and heating cables are mainly used for temperature control on wastewater pipes for de-icing. With flexible foil you save space. A wide range of plastic cables max. 70°C, self regulating, max. 120°C, silicon max. 120°C, PTFE max. 200°C, glassfibre max. 450°C, high temperature max. 800°C.
  • Toilets

    Flow-Through Heaters

    We produce a wide range of flow-through heaters for liquid heating, flexible design according to customer specifications. Different options, electrical connections and water coupling make it easy for you to find the perfect flow-through heater for your application.
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