Control Cubicles

Energy efficient power control of electrical switch point heating. Control system that secures reliable railway traffic through switch points during icing or snow conditions using a minimum of energy.

System Blue Point offers a wide range of different control cubicles ranging from small stand alone heating systems to large intelligent weather controlled solutions with a complete SCADA software package.

The heart in all offered control solutions is a rock solid RTU (Remote Terminal Unit). This intelligent device is programmed to control the power based on individual parameter settings and multiple inputs such as the local weather, weather forecast, rail temperatures etc.

  • Rock Solid Modular Control System
  • Thousands of successful installations in railway environment
  • Instant error messages about missing heating in critical switches
  • Save up to 70% energy, fast return on investments
  • Energy management
  • Reduce Maintenance Cost, maintenance calls based on online switch point information
  • Save installation cost. Use existing communication installations or wireless GPRS
  • Install as a stand alone application or integrate with the existing SCADA system.

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