Switch Point Heating

When you choose to install our Switch Point Heating System, you get an energy saving system, which secures reliable railway traffic, through the switch points even under severe winter weather conditions.

Our System BLUE POINT is a scalable system ranging from small stand-alone installations to large territory solutions.

The product range covers all necessary components from heating elements through special rail brackets to SCADA software.

Some of the advantages you obtain by installing our system are:

  • Complete system delivery
  • Large scale energy savings
  • Installations world wide
  • 50 years of railway experience
  • Save energy – Fast return on investment
  • High quality components to secure long life time and low maintenance cost
  • Save installation cost, compatible with most existing installations
  • Standard solution to be customized based on locale conditions and requirements.


  • Control Cubicles

    Energy efficient power control of electrical switch point heating. Control system that secures reliable railway traffic through switch points during icing or snow conditions using a minimum of energy.
  • Safety Transformers

    Rock Solid Safety Transformer. Thousands of successful installations in railway environment. Insulation Transformer built into a cast siluminium case for ballast mounting.
  • Supervision Software

    On-line management and control software to bond all switch point heating in a territory together. Valuable information at the fingertip for - Traffic Control Department - Maintenance Department - Technical Department
  • Switch Point Heating Elements

    During wintertime switch points might fail due to accumulation of snow and ice typically between the stockrail and the switch point blade. Our electrical heating element is designed specifically to solve these problems.
  • Tramline Switch Point Heating

    During wintertime switch points might fail due to accumulation of snow and ice typically between the stock rail and the switch point blade. For Tramlines Switch Points are often embedded in the road.
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