Tramline Switch Point Heating

During wintertime switch points might fail due to accumulation of snow and ice typically between the stock rail and the switch point blade. For Tramlines Switch Points are often embedded in the road.

Tramline switch points are not just exposed to the usual hash railway environment. They are also exposed to salt coming from the anti road freezing.

We have developed a series of switch point heating elements to sustain these extreme conditions. The single ended connection is extra sealed to avoid any moisture problems.

The heating element is made of MONEL 400 to resist the corrosive environment.

The heating elements are produced in various length, electrical compatibility and energy intensity. All depending on the actual local demands and conditions.

  • Unique vibration proof design
  • Long lifetime, proven records of 30 years+
  • Standard or customized
  • Length up to 7.5 m
  • Power up to 1000 W/m
  • Voltage 48-240 V

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